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With UniHub

Who doesn't want more customers? Come on.

Whether you want to advertise through paid social channels like Instagram and Facebook. Or maybe you're looking to do an old school flyer campaign in the 'real world'.

We have a solution for you, just keep on reading...

UniHub Advertising Services


If you want to pay to advertise on Instagram, in newspapers or anywhere else, We got you.


Our end-to-end process includes everything. We'll help create your offer, your advertisement and we'll set up all the boring stuff.


If you like more customers, get in touch and we'll create a bespoke solution for you.

With Us

Want to feature on our homepage? Maybe you want to be the first discount to show up in your city? How about being featured on our social media channels?


We've built a website for students, and we'd love them to help grow your business!


We're open to all ideas, just get in touch and let's get to work.


This is a fancy way of saying we'll create and post content across your social media channels to attract new customers.


You know your business better than anyone. Just hop on a call with us and we can discuss the solution that works best for you.


Maybe you want to go viral on TikTok or maybe you just need some content for FaceBook. Either way, I'm sure we can help.


This is definitely one of my favourites.


Picture this, you're a gorgeous hotel in the centre of Durham, but you're not getting any bookings. All is not lost. Next time someone searches: "Hotel in Durham", you can be the very first to pop up.

All through the magic of Google Search Advertising.


Just click the pink button and we'll tell you all about it.

Anything else?

If you have any other ideas, please just get in touch.

We're extremely flexible.

Our only objective is to help you achieve yours.

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