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  • How do I sign up to UniHhub?
    To sign up for UniHub, you must be a verified student. We require users to register using a valid email address to ensure the authenticity of their student status. This verification process helps us maintain the exclusive benefits and discounts available on our platform, tailored specifically for students like you. By using a email address, we can confirm that you are currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution, granting you access to our wide range of discounts from big brands, local businesses, and exciting events. We prioritise the security and privacy of our users, so rest assured that your personal information will be handled with utmost care. Start saving today by signing up with your email and unlock a world of exclusive offers with UniHub!
  • Are there any membership fees or costs associated with using UniHub?
    No, there are no membership fees or costs associated with using UniHub. It's completely free!
  • Can I use UniHub outside of my current city or region?
    Of course! There's no rules when it comes to saving, just go crazy.
  • How can local businesses partner with UniHub and offer their discounts?
    Scroll right on down to the bottom and fill out one of our forms, We'd love to have you! If you're not quite sure, my personal email and phone number are on there too. Contact me at any hour of the day and I'll answer any questions.
  • Do UniHub offer any other services?
    Yes, EVERYTHING. Please just give us a call and we can help you unlock Gen Z. As young people ourselves we understand what it takes to cut through all of the noise and make a connection with students. We offer marketing services including content creation and paid advertising. We offer consulting services where we help you solve problems relating to why you aren't quite reaching our generation. We offer market research where we survey your target demographic and produce data. And if there's anything else you need, we'll make it happen. Just get in touch.

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